Overall I feel much more energised in my experience! I have more energy… [and can] release and focus that energy in a positive way. All the expanded awareness…was very enlightening.


Euclid Moon, Engineer, California
A Cup of Mindfulness, Jan 2017

This camp is quite special. Not only the children get taught, but also the parents get taught. So it’s a win-win situation for teenagers and adults. So you should come because it’s really worth the trip for the family.


Leon Lim Ching Zheng, high school student, Singapore
Family Bonding & Mindfulness Retreat, Nov 2016

Mindfulness is …a very very good aspect in life that we need to incorporate so that we become more holistic. Today’s experience was an eye-opener obviously. It has opened up a world of possibilities. This experience actually allowed me to be aware of different ways of knowing myself. First, be aware, and also to apply that awareness in our day-to-day lives, in problem-solving, in resolving private issues [and in] understanding ourselves better.


Jason Chin, Kuala Lumpur
A Cup of Mindfulness, Jan 2017

What I benefited most was regarding the feelings and the thoughts. We are all aware of emotions and feelings that we don’t like. (We) convince ourselves or rationalise it – “it shouldn’t bother me so much”….and still it bothers you. From today, there is one take-home that there is another technique that I can try – mindful of the feelings and emotions. Something I need to try!


M.Luqman Watanabe, Engineer, Seremban
Stop, Breathe and Be Mindful workshop, Aug 2016

I’ve learnt so much. I wish I’ve learnt mindfulness at kindergarten.


I have applied it in many aspects of my life and I found it to be so beneficial. First, I learnt to understand myself and then it also improved my relationship with my family members and even in my work [as a doctor], I find I am more sensitive and able to help my patients better.


(After another retreat) We feel so grateful to the GloWithin team! If you read on our [gloWithin] Teachers’ profile, [they’re] so impressive, with multiple degrees from top world universities. Yet they are so humble. They really make the kids interested in mindfulness. Sometimes things like mindfulness, [it’s] good to let the experts teach our kids so they start on the right footing.”


Daughter: I learnt a lot from this camp and they taught me how to be mindful, aware and also relax and stay calm. So I really applied that to my examinations … I take deep breaths, I can actually excel better.


Mother: Remember your Chinese exams just after the camp? You improve by 20 points…it’s pretty amazing! And relationship with your brother and friends?


Daughter: Also improved!


Dr Kua Lay Cheng, Doctor, and her daugher Kiew Yen Hui, age 12, Penang
Family Bonding and Mindfulness Retreat, May & Nov 2016

Daughter: I actually had learnt a lot from all the facilitators and they’ve taught me really well. Last time, my mum and I didn’t really work out very well because she didn’t really understand me and I didn’t really understand her. But once you all have taught me, I had the courage to tell her everything, so now we are actually okay and fine. It was fun and very nice. I learnt a lot and I am looking forward for more camps.


Mother: I would like to thank Glowthin for having this retreat. I think it is fabulous. Well done, good job! [gloWithin] has activities that made us even closer and we are more opened up! I can see the bond [between] me and my elder [daughter]. I can see the difference. Thank you so much!


Angeline Sim and daughter Laetitia Mae-ve Tan, age 13, Kuala Lumpur
Family Bonding and Mindfulness Retreat, Nov 2016

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