gloWithin is an initiative dedicated to encourage the practice of mindfulness among adults, youth and children, to improve their wellbeing regardless of religion,race and gender.

We believe mindfulness can be practised by all. We offer mindfulness programmes to a broad spectrum of people, from children, youth to adults. gloWithin works with individuals, families, corporations, NGOs and charity organisations. Discover our array of programmes or contact us to explore a mindfulness programme for you and your organisation.

Our gloWithin team consists of dedicated mindfulness practitioners with in-depth personal experience and have been facilitating mindfulness and personal development at various organisations and settings.

Teng Yan


Teng Yan is an educator who facilitates learning for children and teenagers.  She graduated with Psychology and Engineering from Stanford University, USA, and with Master in Education from Roehampton University, UK.  Besides have served as the former principal of a family education programme, she also provided teacher training and facilitated parent workshops.  Teng Yan has cultivated mindfulness under numerous teachers, and has become more at peace with herself.  Hence, she is committed to inspire children, youth and adults to learn mindfulness.

Mean Yeit


Mean Yeit works on Corporate Strategies of a Healthcare company. He graduated with a Bachelor degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Imperial College London, UK, and with a Master degree in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University, USA. He has practiced under a few meditation teachers. Through regular mindfulness and meditation practice, he has learnt more deeply about himself while resolving suffering arising from emotional blind spots. Mean Yeit has been reaching out to those in need, and is keen to help those who want to live a happier life through mindfulness.

We are grateful to our gloWithin team advisors, who have practiced mindfulness for many years, and share with us a depth of insight, compassion and understanding.

Our gloWithin team also consists of other session facilitators who have practised and facilitated mindfulness for various settings. Our mindfulness teachers come from a range of professional backgrounds, such as university lecturer, mechanical engineer, manager and medical graduate. They wholeheartedly embrace the mindfulness practice and are keen to encourage the practice of mindfulness among others.

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