Introducing New Mindful Well-Being Programme

The art of mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being aware of what is happening within us or to us at any given moment. By being mindful, we become aware of our physical, emotional and mental reactions to our experiences.

Why Learn mindfulness?

Mindfulness offers an alternative to effectively respond to the difficulties in life with diligent cultivation, you can experience greater peace and freedom in the face of the turbulence in life.

How to be mindful?

You can cultivate mindfulness in a range of ways, by bringing awareness to your behaviour, feelings and thoughts patterns through our gloWithin Mindfulness programmes.

gloWithin is an initiative dedicated to encourage the practice of mindfulness among adults, youth and children, to improve their wellbeing regardless of religion, race and gender.

Our Programmes

In three categories

Ages 5-12

Creative Exploration and Mindful Discovery.

Ages 13-17

Genuine Change from Within.

Ages 18 & above

Path to Peace and Wellbeing

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